Ig Inspirations

We all do it. We have our wounds and triggers that show up and block us from allowing love to flow freely towards others as well as towards ourselves! ⠀
You can feel the contraction and protective mechanism when it’s happening. And the invitation is to soften into it. ⠀
Listen to your aches and fears. Acknowledge them. Then come back to love. Soften more. ⠀
Love whole heartedly! It ends up freeing the aching from your body. ⠀
And it’s a gift beyond for yourself-it gives to those around you-who get to Feel Loved As they Are- messy humans and all ❤️ 


Your sensu@lity and s3xuality go with you everywhere you go. 
So many folks walk around numb and turned off. There’s no judgment in that. It’s common. 

And you have a choice. 
To live more connected. To live more fully alive! 

You will feel everything more. We don’t get to choose to only feel the good stuff more and not feel the painful or yucky. 
It’s like Love. To feel big love, we risk big loss or heartbreak. 

And when we choose this, we get to feel the beauty in the world, not just see it. 
We get to feel the energy, the aliveness flowing through our veins. 
Our Vitality. Our Strength. As well as our Vulnerability and Softness. 

Our bodies know. I have been working on ppl for over 2 decades and have witnessed the turned off muscles versus those that are turned on and activated. 
Activated=living aligned. 
Where are you at today? Feeling aligned and on? Feeling numb and off?

Reminder that my Pleasure Fairy app is fully active in the world now! I love it. Folks are a bit shy on there in the social groups right now and I look forward to that shifting. Either way, the content and reminders take you deeply-if you play with them. And my VIP ladies are awesome. We have our first zoom this Saturday so I’m feeling pretty excited about that!

Cheers to more aliveness my dears!

We all have Erotic Intelligence. ⠀

For so many of us, it was shut down by parents, religion, society, bad experiences-you name it–you know, all those things that tell us we are wrong for existing or being ourselves 😝 ⠀

This is the invitation to listen to your inner wisdom again!!⠀
You have it all within you. It’s innate. It has been there since your creation!⠀

As strange as it seems, it is here to guide you to live your most alive life! ⠀

Tune in 😍 ⠀

Lots of love, ⠀