Delicious Bath

-So you can add some extra salts or whatever you like to your bath per usual. (I used Dead Sea salt in this one)
-Then here, I had a 1/2c Epsom salts with about 8 drops of an essential oil blend. (If you do not know how to use essential oils, I do have a foundational class on it, and the BIG things are to always use a carrier in the bath (salt, milk, honey are great choices), and to only use under 15 drops of essential oil. Some oils are more likely to burn like some citrus ones, and hot spice oils, and peppermint (so use fewer drops of those in the carrier for the bath).
-Then I did a hydrosol rinse. (Hydrosols are the waters from the distillation process of the essential oils. Some great ones for hair are rosemary, and tea tree. Some sensual and amazing ones are Neroli and Rose. I used Peppermint in this particular video-but that’s not a common one for me to use.

You’re making this a delicious sensual bath by tuning in to what your body is feeling.
By listening to the sounds of the water running or the mini splashes or if you have music going.
By smelling the oils or hydrosols.
By feeling the sensations of the water on different parts of your skin, or places where air is on your skin. The way the cool hydrosol feels as you pour it on your head. ALL OF IT.
And Soak it Up!!

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