Throat. Clear out blocks and tensions.

Be gentle.
Connect with your throat space.
Start with some gentle movements up n down to feel where tensions may be.
(You can do little side to side movements as well-do Not roll your neck all around! Listen to your body!!)
Gently stroke down your throat.
Pause in places that have tension.
You can do slight massage where there is more tension-tracing along your muscles. (Do not do anything that feels yucky, or pokes into your delicate places (trachea etc).
You can trace along your jaw bone and pause in places there is tension.
You can do one side at a time, or spend more time on a side that has more tension.
Imagine the tension releasing the blocks that hold you back from expressing your truth.
Imagine yourself living from your truths!
Bend your head forward and gently stroke the back of your neck to clear out the energy back there, as well as counter the looking up motion. We want both, looking up and down, to have fluidity. We spend so much time looking down at phones and computers so taking time to just look up is also POWERFUL. It can elevate our mood!!

If you look at the tissues of the throat, they are similar to the vaginal canal, so we can view our throat as a place to express and birth our ideas into the world in another way!! (and if you take this to the next sexy level-oral can have magical properties!!-advanced / more VIP type content there 😉 )

The hips and jaw are connected, so bringing relaxation and ease to one area helps the other.

You may notice that if you bring more ease/relaxation/freedom to your throat that your chest/heart center calls to you, or other places. You can follow your body’s lead!