About Us

Pleasure Fairy LLC has the mission to help all people step into their sovereignty, so they can live fully embodied in their bodies and their choices. This embodiment brings more pleasure, joy and aliveness to each individual and the world at large!
We share ancient and newer inspirations and practices to allow each person to go on their own journey into themselves. When people participate in the practices they awaken dormant energy and activate ultimate aliveness! When participating we tune into our senses, our sensuality. We fine tune our nervous system to handle life at a greater capacity. We address things that come up within relationship, intimacy and sexuality. Joining you receive the content per which Program you choose to join. Each Program has a social network to connect with others. It is encouraged to participate and you are free to do as you desire. Again, sovereign choices are the priority. Everything is an invitation.

This site and app is broken down into Women and Men. Those who identify differently are welcome in the space they feel the most comfortable, knowing that the dominant verbiage will be used towards whichever group they participate in. (i.e. in the women’s group there will be talk using “women” and we will connect with the “womb space”). As the groups grow, we may create more intimate groups for those who identify as non binary, and trans.

Inquiries can be sent to crystal@crystalfranco.com