Black Moon Lilith Embodiment Exploration


Join Chamonix and Crystal on November 11 @ 1p cst In Person or 3p on zoom for this epic experience of exploration!!

Black Moon Lilith holds all the mystery of the feminine. This mystery can create unease for those who are not well versed at playing in the depths or the shadow.
Crystal and Chamonix come together to help you bridge the gap so you can love these powerful aspects of yourself into wholeness.

Release shame.
Tap into the sensual and sexual innate powers within.
Play in a space where ALL of you is welcome to the table and Admired.

Chamonix will shed light on the astrological location that is Black Moon Lilith in your personal chart! Learning about Black Moon Lilith in your chart will help  you know your own powers and areas that may feel unwelcome in your life, so you can begin to honor and play with these hidden aspects of you!

Crystal will lead embodiment practices, journal prompts and gift a meditation to utilize to integrate the aspects of your Black Moon Lilith which calls your power back to you. These practices help you Embody–become whole with–these missing/shamed or ignored pieces of you, bringing you more Wholeness.

Playing with Black Moon Lilith can evoke big feelings and tune you into the potency that is YOU.
We play in the depths!
If you’re ready to own and dance with your magical dark goddess, get in on this opportunity to spend time with Chamonix and Crystal.

“We are delighted to create time n space for this time with us!”

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