Dancing into Wholeness


It is time! Time for you to Claim ALL of YOURSELF!
We all can dance between so many polarities and this experience is going deep!!

We are going to dance between the polarities of our deepest sexual wounds during this experience.
Think shadow work mingled with play and joy.
This is not a ‘dance class,’ we are simply ‘dancing’ with the polarities. There IS body Movement, but it’s not like taking a dance class. We’re not doing Zumba or anything 😉

Expand your nervous system to handle “all the things.”

Experience your sensuality in a whole new way.

Tune in to your inner power, where you know you are not broken as you play with the pains and the ecstatic places.

We are reaching those core wounds. The ones that run in the background until we do the practices to love them. To acknowledge them.

We are tuning in to our core essence– unconditional love.

If you’re ready for this deep remembrance of YOU, and you feel that hum inside your body, join the circle. This circle will be full of women who are as ready as you are.

More amazing synchronicity and magic:
Chiron (the wounded healer in astrology) will be retrograde during this experience so it’s a prime time to look at those hidden pains which when acknowledged and Loved into Wholeness can bring us so much more Aliveness!

We will meet via zoom–so join wherever you are in the world!
Fridays at 6p CST for 60-90 minute sessions from September 9 through October 14th.

6 weeks to move and play with 6 different polarities. Plus the heart expansion and embodiment. Can you feel your cells changing even just reading this?! I feel it while I write it! If you feel it, I will see you September 9!!

BONUS: Those who register by Sunday August 28th will receive a 1:1 session with yours truly! ($150 value)

**NO refunds on purchases. Make sure this is an aligned decision for you before purchasing. If it does not resonate, move along. And if you feel drawn to it at a later time, you know where to find it.

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