Building Your Essential Oil Apothecary: Foundations


How to begin to create your essential oil collection! This course will help those who are revamping their collection, those who are new to oils, and those who have used oils but are ready for a different perspective. People from all walks have enjoyed this course and walk away having learned something new!

Content Includes:

What Essential Oils ARE–a Unique Perspective including:

THE FIVE ELEMENTS!! Learn about how each oil possesses the 5 elements of Ayurveda: Fire, Water, Ether/Space, Air and Earth! Not only the oils themselves but the entire process!! This is pure magic and expands on the potency of the oils! Re-vamp your own view point of WHAT THE OILS ARE!

A breakdown of oils to build your apothecary shelf!

LAVENDER: the well known MUST HAVE oil in detail!
RESPIRATORY OILS: Why do we start here?? Do you know? It makes a lot of sense once you dive in!
PROTECTIVE OILS: These are those super germ killers. Feel confident in the ones you are choosing for safety and efficacy.
CITRUS OILS: Mood enhancers!! These are a must have for all the home apothecary’s because of how they can support everyone!

How to USE the Oils!

This last lesson will go into the details of the different ways to USE the oils safely and effectively. You can have confidence in using your new found knowledge immediately! There are also specific dosed remedies under the Lavender category.

Essential oils have become much more popular in the last decade yet Crystal has been using them for over 2 decades and decided to do formal training after Mis-Using them quite a bit on her own. Her mission is to share SAFE and EFFECTIVE use with all of you!!


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