Get Zhuzhy!


3 months of exploring your turn on. Amplifying how often you feel Zhuzhy. 

Expand your capacity for pleasure so you experience more of it in your day to day life! 

What would your life look like if you felt connected to your body and deliciousness on the regular?!

Take a moment to dream into the possibility of feeling THAT ALIVE! 

Aliveness brings vitality, radiance, health. 

Feel this vitality moving through your body. 

How do you live when you’re connected to Your Vital Essence-your personal zhuzh?!

We will play and explore with whatever comes up in This specific group. 

It’s like having girlfriends who are eager to talk about their own kink, what holds them back from pleasure or in relationship, what turns them on and activates every cell of their being! And all without having a bottle of wine first. 😉

We will utilize practices to connect us to more of ourselves- connecting those pathways for more pleasure and zhuzh. 

There will be time for personal guidance in the group. And some outside support as questions or experiences arise outside of our group meeting times! 

Each round of the Get Zhuzhy series is unique to the group. Are you eager to dive in on this round?! 

If so, hop in and let’s play! We begin February 7, 2024. 

***This is the next level of exploring your desires and erotic pathways. So if you don’t have foundational tools that support your nervous system and ability to connect to and make decisions as your sovereign self, then I’d direct you to HUSH to build that foundation. Or hold off until you’ve done what you need to be out of continual fight/flight/freeze etc.

***Purchases are final. Make sure you are aligned with your decision to purchase this time together and experience before making your purchase!

Questions? Need to hop on a call before you decide or have some DM connection? IG DM Crystal  @thecrystalfranco or email

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Pricing info
I’ve got this: This pricing is for those who have the means to go for it. Even if it’s a stretch, it’s not going to put you out where you’re putting yourself into a debt that is a hinderance and impacts your life negatively.

This works: This pricing is for those who are in a place where their needs are met and they can invest into support, but the ‘normal’ price would make them hurt financially.

Making it: This pricing is for those who are struggling. Money is tight yet they know they want to have this experience for their own expansion. Things feel aligned however investing the normal price or a slight decrease would still put them into debt that would have negative effects and impact how much they can feel good about showing up and investing in the experience.

Please be honest with where you are at. Providing this tiered pricing won’t be an option in the future if my own financial needs can’t be met with the amount of time and energy needed to create and share the supportive content. The largest investment is the closest to the value provided in regards to content, time dedication, support and ability to impact one’s life, as well as the fact that I too have to provide for myself and my family and I keep these containers small so they stay intimate/safe/and build connection.
The tiers are provided because I also want to be able to be of service to those who are struggling. Sometimes a smaller investment is exactly what someone needs to be able to ‘do the thing’ and change their entire life!
If the lowest tier is still too steep, please utilize all of the free content I provide. (Free Radiant You experience, Tune Into Your Sensuality: Feel Your Libido Again e-book, email inspirations, Pleasure Fairy app inspirations & meditations/transmissions, IG posts, eventually YouTube, some TikTok etc.)


I've got this, This works, Making it