Sacred Sex 101: the Foundations


Take the first steps to inviting sacredness into your world of love and intimacy!
Designed to support individuals and solo practice and then be brought into relationship.
Our sexual beings are with us in our day to day life, step into the magic of it all with these foundational practices and inquiries! Bring more Curiosity into your life and relationships!

This class was laid out as a weekly class so consists of 4 recordings of the initial group participating. It is recommended to give each video a week’s worth of practice and contemplation.
While you are participating in the course (one month from date of purchase)  you have access to, and can reach out to Crystal for any questions on Telegram.

“I realize how much I am in my head and how important it is to get into my body!”

“I love how much you emphasized ‘no expectations’ because it’s easy to start with monkey mind and think there are right and wrong ways.”

“Even having done so much work with you already, I loved it. It took me deeper! I also realize and love how far I’ve come with doing other things with you! I’m so grateful!”