Western Astrology Chart Art


Enjoy seeing your (or your loved ones) astrological charts hanging up as art!
All western astrology charts are done using Whole Sign House system. If that is not your jam, do not order. **NO REFUNDS are available for this is hand made and cannot be replicated or replaced.
You can send in an image of the chart you would like drawn or share birth date, time, & location for Crystal to calculate and draw it up!

There are options to choose from:

  1. A flat board canvas is flat so it needs a hanger or to be framed to be hung on the wall.
    Hangers are included.
    You can choose between an 8×8″ or a 12×12″ flat board canvas.
    (Currently White is the only option)
  2. A wrapped canvas is one that is wrapped around boards.
    You can choose white or black. They are 12×12″
  3. Colors for print. Solid color for the entire thing. (Ex: all black or all purple)
    Black chart with astrologically colored signs and planets/placements.
    **Black canvases are done in all white print.
  4. Name and or birth date added to the bottom.

All things are handmade and there easily are mini imperfections. I do my best to center things like the name at the bottom, however, no matter how much I’ve measured them or done things to ensure they are centered-they simply are not usually ‘perfect.’ If you’re someone who will be thrown by that, please do not order, for there are NO REFUNDS available. The time, energy, effort and supplies are all non refundable.
Please look at the images and understand/see what things will look close to, knowing every slight of hand has it’s uniqueness.

We will communicate when the order is placed to ensure things are communicated clearly and you are getting what you desire. Please still use the Optional Order Notes to give the initial information (i.e. sending my chart, here’s the birth info, I want these color options etc.).

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8×8 flat board canvas, 12×12 flat board canvas, 12×12 white wrapped canvas, 12×12 black wrapped canvas