Terms of Service

Using the Pleasure Fairy LLC app is designed to be used at one’s own discretion. Pleasure Fairy LLC does not give medical advice and each user of the app is responsible for their own well being. Everything presented on the app is an idea, a possible inspiration and an invitation. Each person is a sovereign being, in charge of their own choices that affect their life and well being.
If you are a part of the Free Membership/Program, you have access to any content in the Free Program.
If you are a part of a VIP Program, you are in an agreement for a 12 month time frame. This agreement includes either a one time payment in full, a 3 part payment paid quarterly, or a monthly payment every month for 12 months.
As a VIP registrar you are eligible to receive any content in the VIP Program you have registered and paid for.

Using this app you are aware of the social forum(s) that exist(s). You are advised to not share anything from the groups to anywhere outside of the group. These are private groups and we value everyone’s privacy. Despite our efforts to keep it a safe haven, you must be aware that all posts in a social forum are still a part of the internet, hence the potential for your posts to be negatively shared is a possibility, since we cannot control every single person in the group. Heed common sense and only share that which you feel comfortable sharing on the internet. If someone is found sharing information outside of the forum groups, we may take legal action for breaking the confidences of the group.

The Pleasure Fairy app is a Sacred Space. Everyone is to be respectful and kind. We can express ourselves freely as long as we are not causing harm to anyone. There are block features enabled. If someone is blocked multiple times by different members they will be suspended from the social groups they are in.

Technology can fail or malfunction at times. We do our best to fix any errors or technological issues within a timely fashion so you can have access to the wonderful content consistently.

For any concerns email crystal@crystalfranco.com