Inspiration Posts

New here? Spend time with each post. It’s incredible how potent One Word, One Sentence, One INquiry can be when you bring it into yourSelf and Play with it!

We are here to be ALIVE. Feel Turned ON–Zhuzhy as I say 😉
If you’re not feeling this Light-this FIRE within you, then what do you need?
Sometimes we just need a pause or rest. Other times we need to put it all into the altar fire.
Allow it all to burn away n transform!

If you’re ready for foundational practices and support, get in on HUSH. And I your foundation is strong-hop into Get Zhuzhy!

Self Love is a lifestyle. A dedication to YOU.
Nourishing ourselves in ways that may seem odd to the outside as well as ‘basic nourishment.’
As someone who has practiced some Ayurvedic nourishment practices for many many years-I have enjoyed doing things like self warm oil massage (Abhyanga) on the regular, and oiling my hair.
I decided to bring my younger 2 kiddos into this. So we have begun a new tradition to connect with one another while we oil one another’s hair once a week.
It’s incredible to dedicate time With ritual with our loved ones!! So here’s an invitation to bring that into your world.
Reminder HUSH (at the discounted rate and the tiered pricing is for ‘always’ during this round) is now available! Spend 3 months tuning in to what YOU desire. Listening to your inner self. Connecting with your inner compass. I offer this 2x a year so if you’re a Yes Now-jump on it! If not, feel on it and see if it’s a fit this time around. Enjoy today!! XO ~C

We naturally play with archetypes without knowing we do it–tune into a character in a book or movie- feel like them, perhaps even talk like them for a few days 😛
And we call upon other archetypes-well known powerful folks–think Cleopatra, OR a deity like Isis.
All of these help us tune into what Resonates with US, what OUR core is. Aspects of our self and our essence. This here is a water pixie- she can call upon your depth of emotion and magic. Your connection to nature.
So what have you been tuning into?
HUSH is now open with the discounted pricing til mid August. If you’re eager to connect with your self and play with this magic more, get in there! xo ~C

FOUNDATIONAL. If you haven’t experienced bringing heart work into your daily life-this is an invitation. It’s foundational for expansion for pleasure, and more love! Heart connection/work is the first pillar of HUSH which begins Sept 6! The doors are open! You’re the first to know!
Need more support reach out for a 1:1

It’s not fun being in pain or in unease/discomfort.
And resistance doesn’t support us in moving through it nor in evolving and expanding.
Play with your edges here. Breathe into your heart no matter what. Let us know in the forum how things move and transform for you! xo

Relaxed arousal is that feeling of being turned on, while still chill.
It’s not the excitement where the energy is Leaving your body. It’s Moving through you and about you.
It’s therefore not depleting.
Have you experienced this?
Practice this weekend and through the next week!
Yummy 😉
Need more support, DM or set up a 1:1

Ritual is powerful. It can be a sensual practice, or a tea routine or movement. I have been doing more candle magic rituals lately which has been lovely-especially as we had the full moon.
Solstice is upon us, so it’s a great time to spend some time deciding what you want to have more of in your life, and what you want to let go of. Cheers to a summer solstice ritual and other daily rituals!

this one may land more for the women who are wanting to dive deeper into their feminine nature, however we ALL possess Yin energy, so take things as they serve YOU. You know you.
The deep feminine feels the excitement and pleasure and is ready for more. It’s not a linear, one and done, it’s More and over and over again.
So here’s your invitation to draw in more-to enjoy more. To play. Blossom over and over again. Contract and expand.
Want more-there are a few group calls still open for June
or get in on a 1:1