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Aphrodisiac Circle


**** the Sept 2 circle is no longer an option to register for. New purchases from Sept 2 on will be for Oct 21, 2022 6-8p at MMWC

Circle with Crystal, and a special guest(!!), to learn about and sample some aphrodisiacs that you can incorporate into your daily life with ease!
Aphrodisiacs are often thought of as exotic plants/herbs and foods yet there are ways to utilize them in daily life.

Why add them to daily life?
– Enhance your connection to your body and self love
– Amplify your heart space to hold more love and invite more in
– Nourish your nervous system (the state of your nervous system impacts your libido)
– Harmonize your hormonal system
– Increase your juiciness and libido
– Invite slowness into your life

Circle with other women to play with the herbs! Try out different ways to use them. (think teas, infusions, smoothies as well as topical!)
Chat with other amazing women about all that goes on within this sphere of our own pleasure, libido, enjoyment of life within and outside of partnerships.
We will move/dance about, and bring in a sensual experiences and practices as we circle together!

Bonus experience will be with the special guest!!

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