Radically Love YOU (RLY)


YES YES YES!! Time to come home to yourself and be your best lover!

  • Move through life with your tank Full!
  • Feel Peace radiate through your body-kiss daily anxiety goodbye!
  • Change your frequency to attract love from all of life!
  • Finally feel WHOLE.
  • Feel better about loneliness, and expand into feeling connected.
  • Watch your relationships flourish and fill with more love and appreciation!
  • Activate the magic within you!
    Imagine how you show up in the world when you’re full of love–That’s Possible NOW!

Receive instant access to this recorded immersion! Access it on the web or on the Pleasure Fairy App.
3 ‘days’ (each approximately an hour) of content
PDF curiosity support

Experience Radical Self Love Today!

Women leave these 3 days completely inspired to Shine in the world! Are you going to join them?! Let’s see YOU shine!

Wholly accept and love all of you. Your entire messy self. You are lovable as you are-in completion-wholeness. All of those places you ignore or hide-love them into being. We are all messy humans who are love.

RLY (read it as you desire. Really. Really Love You. Rely. Rely on You.)

In 2023 there will be new additions to this immersion.
Mirror work practice.
Embracing the messy self that is human.
Sensual practice as well as working with eliminating external stimuli to come to your heart and center.
Self love ritual.
Unfurling – a practice Crystal practices as her own self alchemy.


**NO refunds on purchases. Make sure this is an aligned decision for you before purchasing. If it does not resonate, move along. And if you feel drawn to it at a later time, you know where to find it.


“I just finished the 3rd day recording…It’s so crazy how easily and fast I can get into loving myself mode and how amazing it feels and everything in life shifts towards my ideal versions of them…I also notice how many ideas and creative projects and things I want to write about flood back into my awareness after neglecting all of them for so long!”