Welcome to diving into Hydrosols!! These aromatic waters hold a lot of healing or pure enjoyment possibilities!

Be You, Live Fully

Here you can dive into all of the content to transform your way of relating to life! First look at the first WELCOME lesson! This will guide you through how to use this platform and the course to step into your more fulfilling life. SO much love! ~C

Erogenous Zones Exploration

Spend time with the concept in each video. Explore YOU! Then explore your partner 😉 Tell us what you’re experiencing in the Free Chat Groups! If you complete all 9 you’ll collect all of the potion bottles and get the Magic Potion Bottle which will gift you fairy dust pouches!

Radically Love You!

WOOHOO!! Sending extra love to you! Glad you’re here!This is designed as a weekend immersion so it’s suggested to move through each day one at a time. Integrate each day and then integrate the entire ‘weekend.’ Use the PDF guided questions. Resource the practices. On the APP you have access here to DM me if …

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WOOHOO! Yay for more pleasure and connection to the incredible you that you are!Enjoy the practices and the supportive videos!Join the conversation in the forum! You’re invited to spend more time here than other social media so you have pleasure as your focus 😉 Hop on the monthly live Zoom’s with Crystal. Ask questions. Enjoy! …

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