Welcome-Be YOU!

WOOHOO!! Take a moment to jump around and give us a little shimmy! You’ve decided to step into more embodiment of YOURSELF so you can Increase your JOY and FULLY LIVE your LIFE!! 

I’m happy to be here to guide you through reprogramming those self sabotaging behaviors so your daily interactions with life are supportive of YOU!


  • If you haven’t already downloaded the Pleasure Fairy app, you can download it in the App Store/Google Play for quick access to this experience. Or you can bookmark the link: https://crystalpleasurefairy.com so you can login at the top for easy access to return to your content and stay on track! Start implementing the magic!
  • The program is broken down into 3 main lessons which have a wide variety of Topics to guide your integration throughout the next 3 months. 
  • Each topic will guide you on how long you should spend with this topic before moving on to the next one–if it is not explicitly stated, the idea is to work with it for a week. The intention is for you to give a WEEK of dedication to each topic so that you can really start to EMBODY the work. Everything is meant to be built upon and then it becomes a series of new habits. It’s not designed to be pushed through. It’s designed to take bite size chunks so that you TRULY integrate!
  • With that being said–it is SELF Paced, and you are encouraged to go at your own pace!! Do not rush through the material. It’s also here for you to review again n again.
  • Also, next to each topic name there will be a number–this number represents the suggested week. So right away you will see a bunch of 1s and then 2s, 3s, 4s etc. You can follow that by doing the content for each week.
  • Feel free to DM Crystal in the app if you want to share feedback or have questions